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Fizz and Chips


This is the Fizz and Chips show. Fizz a zany larger than life character full of mischief and maddness and lots of energy, then there is Chips his poor dad who has to keep him in check. But really Chips is as young at heart than Fizz but with more cheeky tricks up his sleeve. Watch how Chips tricks Fizz into getting custard pies in his face and Watch How Fizz tries to get his own back to comic effect. All this slap stick and more.


Watch the pair perform there show with comical magic tricks, amazing juggling skills and interactive fun with the children and big children alike.


The show wraps up with a brilliant comical tribute to Jungle book and get everybody dancing along to our version of the Jungle book Mix.


This is a must see show everyone will enjoy this from 5 to 105 years old.


Also ask about the Fizz and Chips magic school workshop!