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Neil Stroud

Neil has been a entertainer since the ripe old age of 10. His first performance was in his local playcentre performing as part of a variety show with a few simple magic tricks. Neil then got the bug and performed his own show in the Shoot (Bin) area by his flat to local kids that would enjoy the show.

After performing more and more of his fun little show featuring his little sister Nicola in and around south east London. Neil Later joined Warner Holidays in Great Yarmouth then Weymouth before heading to North Wales to Butlin's as a Redcoat stayed there for 4 years and even had his own regular show.

Neil Moved to Hereford and started work in the Funny Farm, a joke and magic shop. Later Neil became the operations manager and entertainer for Funny Farm Entertainments at that time one of the largest in the West Midlands.

Neil joined the circus back in 1998 with the sister circus to the Hungarian State called the Papprhian international performing alongside some of the best international performers from around the world throughout that year. Neil was a multi talented performer even then. He was Fizz the Clown, The Great Fizzini illusionist, Dancer and Draygon the demi god of FIRE (eating and breathing and fire manipulation. Neil declined a invation to live and perform in Budpest's static circus and instead performed his talents around the country and abroad.

From here Neil performed on SMTV/ CDUK alongside Cat Deeley and a host of celebrities like Westlife and Tom Jones himself. Also Neil was a feature artist on Charlton TV variety show The Warehouse. Neil was a circus performer in the BBC documentry "Circus Dreams". Neil appeared in BBC's Casualty and Neil acted in a documentry for BBC called the man with a 100 jobs. But at the end of the day Neil loved to perform his many talents.

Neil toured through France and into Spain on his way to The Canary islands and based in Futeventura, Neil performed his comedy magic show almost every night for the resorts.

After working with a few tribute artists Neil wanted to bring a diffrent tribute to the market (there was and still is so many singing tributes). So Neil brought to life his tribute to Tommy Cooper "Almost Magic" a great influence to Neil's magic and humour in the past.

Neil later returned to the Funny Farm and ran the Magic shop (because Neil had just started a family). Neil established the Magic school and after a few years of performing across the UK and teaching at the Magic school. One of his students was Peter Owen. The two become friends and decided to put a show on together the Two Tommy's "it's Not unusual, it's just like That!"