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Two Tommys

Two Tommy’s show is a original and unique act with something familiar. Other tribute acts give your guests the same stuff as the original artist brought you, and nothing more.

That’s where we the Two Tommy’s are different, sure you get the legendary songs of Tom Jones performed by Peter Owen a vocalist of 33 years. With such songs as Delilah, What’s New Pussy Cat and many more.

And of course you will witness the comic wonder of Tommy Cooper with those classic jokes and visual gags and and the classic mishap magic like Bottle Glass, Mr Marvellous the Mind Reading Duck and Spoon Jar and much more. Enjoy the mayhem of Tommy’s Hat Sketch all over again, performed by Neil Stroud a entertainer of over 31 years.

But the Two Tommy’s take it a little further and bring you original Sketch’s and concepts with the unlikely pair that will have people rolling in the aisles. And watch as Tom Jones & Tommy Cooper battle it out in a grand finale song versus joke with a twist that will finish the show, leaving them wanting more!